Customers can submit payments online using:

  • A valid Visa or Mastercard Credit Card or
  • By using the WiPay Voucher System, which allows non credit card holders or those without a bank account to enjoy the convenience of making digital payments.

WiPay Top Up Voucher System

Visit any authorized WiPay location and use cash to buy a WiPay Top Up voucher. Use the voucher’s scannable QR code or unique 12-character reference number to make a ‘digital cash’ payment anywhere that WiPay is accepted.

WiPay Locations

Voucher Processing Fee:

For each voucher purchased, there is a transaction fee of TTD $5.00, therefore if you wish to purchase a voucher at any authorized WiPay location, you will need to purchase a voucher TTD $5.00 in excess of the cost of the item.

E.g. If your purchase is TTD $100 , a voucher should be purchased for the amount of TTD $105.

This processing fee is deducted only when the voucher is uploaded to the WiPay wallet or submitted as payment.

Please remember to add the cost of shipping to your order, which is TTD$30 for up to 25kg.